An open world exploration game about a young girl, Sable, 
searches for a fitting rite-of-passage mask so she can return to her clan.
The game is focused around puzzles and discovery.


my role

worked directly with
Gregorios Kythreotis
Jourdan-Reiss Russell
& Daniel Fineberg


The main challenge of this project was to make an interface that could live
in the same universe in a complementary way to the game's graphics.
These screens are the result of the work that came out of our direct
collaboration during that time.

We selected a UI style that would be simple and minimalistic, where actions
and answers would be communicated through a different font style, using same
typography rules found in books. In the dialogues, players can select answers
while still being able to see the last dialogue.

Menus navigation follow a same logic throughout the game.

These concepts of the item menu pages were about defining an item's type
with a color and pattern system while keeping a breathing, minimalistic layout
that would keep the focus on the objects and their descriptions.

In these concepts, icons found in menus and map icons worked with strong angular shapes
and black lines that match the line thickness found in the typography used.
Various explorations have been made to find the most efficient way these could be shown on the map.

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