"What if digital could help fight against school failure?"
This point&click game using french exercises and puzzle to stimulate
reading among children was our answer.


my role
art direction . UI/UX . motion . illustration

Enigmarium is the place in which the story takes place : full of mysteries to solve,
the child will encounter historic characters : Pierre Lascaux can’t conjugate verbs, 
then comes Elisa Bête, the queen unable to use adjectives properly. 
The goal is to solve puzzles in order to help the characters talk properly again.

The first level begin after a short tutorial. In order to unlock the door
and go to the next room, the child will have to find and solve three puzzles.

Completing any puzzle unlock a riddle. Once the 3 riddle discovered,
the child will have to re-order each good answer to form a proverb.

Help can be used at any moment by turning the iPad.

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